Friday, April 24, 2009

MIS Assignment # 3

Salesforce is a leader in customer relationship management and cloud computing. A survey result showed that 94% people would recomment it to others. it offers numerous solutions and services which are also customizable.

The closed-loop marketing automation application, Salesforce CRM Marketing, empowers you to manage multichannel campaigns and provide up-to-date messaging to sales. Lead hand-off is automated to ensure that no opportunity is missed. Real-time analytics and reporting give marketers the tools to evaluate results and adjust campaigns to maximize them.

Comprehensive On-Demand Marketing Automation

  • Integrated marketing and sales application with automated lead conversion

  • Real-time analytics to measure and optimize campaigns for best results

  • Multichannel campaign management and analysis for a complete marketing solution

  • Rapid deployment and award-winning ease-of-use to get users working quickly

Justify Your Marketing Spend with Real ROI Calculations
Salesforce's easy-to-use marketing analytics tools help managers analyze the impact of their marketing campaigns, determine which activities generate the most revenue, and measure and demonstrate the results of marketing spending.

Partner Networks
Maximize Revenue with Indirect SalesSalesforce CRM Partner Networks, the industry standard for channel management, takes channel success to a new level with breakthrough ease-of-use to help you rapidly increase channel revenue through your partners. Provide your partners the choice of working with you through the Partner Portal or through Salesforce to sales force.


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